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Shatter the mirror on the wall-And turn me into beautiful broken peices

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Monday, August 23rd, 2010
9:37 pm - BOBBY
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Wednesday, December 30th, 2009
3:20 pm - Desperate Housewives await.
Grrr. So, the Turbo went out in the car we JUST got in Florida. I have to say I'm pretty bummed. It's going to be almost 1200$ to fix it.
I also found out that our great Aunt Betty died and no one told us :(
Also, That when I had to call in bc of the weather on Xmas Eve (it was a blizzard)- Is going to be an UNEXCUSED absence. Which just leaves me 1 more and then I get a Written warning. Which means if I wanted to transfer when I move I can't.

I'm so annoyed. And Avery has been fighting her nap for 2 hours now. Crying her face off, screaming her face off, kicking her face off. I took away MoMo that made her scream even more. She's finally calmed down and STILL not asleep.

On the other hand-Today is my day off. So, I am "relaxing" (To the best of my abilities anyway). Jeff asked me if I wanted to go into Fargo with him tonight. That should be fun. I got Avery the CUTEST little pink boots. They look like Ugg boots. They are from Sears. I got them a size too small. That's HORRIBLE. I should know what size shoe my daughter wears. Jeff bought the last ones, So that's why I didn't even think twice about buying size 5. That's what she wore the last time I bought her shoes. :/ She is in a size 6. Do you know how stupid I felt when They didn't fit and EVERYONE in Jeff's family KNEW she wore size 6 but me. :( I was SO sad. I SHOULD have KNOWN. I feel like I am always working. Even tho I am only down to 1 and a half jobs now. I can still work at the Pizza Pub When I want... I just feel like I should be home. It's awful working for less than 8.00/hr. I feel so Depressed.

Something has to change. I can't afford this life anymore.

current mood: annoyed
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Monday, December 28th, 2009
10:19 am - HELLO TO THE WORLD OF LJ again..
Well, Thanks for getting me started on this thing again- JENNIFER and HOLLY!

I can't believe I'm totally on LJ again. Everyone pretty much knows I'm no longer with KC and with Jeffrey now. I don't know If I should really go into detail seeing as how everyone that I'm going to end up talking to already knows everything.

Avery just turned the light out on me. Hahah what a little turkey.

Um, What else. I work at WalMart Photo center in Fargo North Dakota. To be quite honest, I hate it here. I hate it with a passion. I love Jeffrey's friends. I love his family SO much. They are AMAZING.
I hate the weather. I hate the cold. And I hate Hate hate living so damn close to Canada- Not to mention ALL of his Ex Girlfriends. It drives me crazy.

I am seriously considering moving home in 2010 *Early beginning of (such as Jan. Or Feb) just to save up some money. This is killing me. I am spending money I don't really have and not able to save much of anything.

Joey said he will let me live with him. And I'm sure Avery wouldn't mind. Joey could use a womanly touch. haha.

Jeff just won't listen to me tho. It bothers me because I KNOW I could be saving more money if I lived at home. And I know HE could be too. The sooner we save money the sooner we can move far away from this place. Providing he can find a flipping job. I need to move so I can start going to school and getting a degree for SOMETHING useful.
I'm just so frustrated. I would like to be back in Colorado right now. With my cozy job I had BEFORE I moved here.

I'm glad Christmas is over. I had a great one! Jeff's dad made me an amazing jewelry box. Jeff got me the ring that I have wanted for EVER now. He didn't even know it was the one I wanted. It's just the one that he liked the best. <3 I love it. It's a birthstone ring. And he also got me a wii fit plus. (I love the games on there)

I didn't really have too much money to get him anything. But, for our anniversary in November -I got him a blu ray disc player. So, We are pretty much even ;)

PS- I just watched Avery lick barbies Boobs and say- BOOBS. :( OMG. That's creepy. I told her to stop and she says "Naughty Barbie"... :o WHAT does she learn in day care? lol

Anyway- I have to get ready for work. We'll see how long LJ can last this time.

current mood: amused
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Thursday, May 29th, 2008
9:54 pm - Just like the Afternoon's we used to spend Before you got TOO COOL!
How fast does time fly?! You really don't realize when you are living for yourself. As soon as you have someone to WATCH grow up-You find out how insignificant YOUR life really is. You focus on this wonderful little person you created instead.

Avery is 8 months now. Has 1 and a good start on another Tooth. (SO 2 bottom teeth) She is trying her hardest to crawl and she says a couple of things. "Mama"-when she is angry or upset. "Dadda" -all the flipping time "Babba"-when she wants food and "Dog" when she see's a dog. She can give us High Fives. And she tries to hold other "Littles" hands. (like other kids she meets her age) It's entirely adorable.

My Friend Megan's Birthday is today. We are about a week-apart. My birthday is on the 7th of next month. We are celebrating (a week from tomorrow). We are going out for Cosmo's tonight. And getting completely WASTED tomorrow. I'm looking forward to not holding back. I usually have to hold back bc I am a mother. I do have to take care of my baby when I get home. But, this is a birthday and that's what daddy's are for. To do thier job-make baby feel better when mamma can't.

Kc will hopefully be getting a job at WM DC. He has had his interview. Now we wait for the other one. I'm very nervous. We need the money extremely badly. We are moving outa the apt. we are renting in July. The lease is FINALLY up. THANK GOD. Our landlord is being a kaniving bitch. Trying to tell us our upstairs neighbors hear's our "DOG" barking-and then telling the neighbors that if they hear the dog let her know, or even see the dog. And she asks them what the dog looks like ect. We told her we were watching my sisters dog for awhile while they were redoing thier house getting ready for the baby. She just wants a deposite for a dog that's not ours. Well, To bad. The dog isn't even there anymore. My sister finally was able to take care of it.

Well, Not too much has really changed. I am looking into doing something wild to my hair. But, that's about it. I'm thinking HOT PINK in the front. BLACK in the back. Should look sweet.


current mood: amused
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Wednesday, March 19th, 2008
4:13 pm - <3 life.
So- It's almost been a year since I have last updated my LJ. What a CRAZY year it's been too!

I had my baby: Avery Allison Crosby. She was born on September 21, 2007 (and is almost 6 AMAZING months old). 6 LBS 11.8 oz and 18.5" long. (Now she's 15 lbs and 23" long or so) Full head of hair-and anyone who has Myspace or Facebook can see pictures of her. She is awesome!

Kc and I live in Olney until July anyway. That's when our lease expires. Gosh I really can't wait. That house is SO drafty-we have the heat up to 75 and it still gets cold. Right now our heating bill is $178.00!!!! That's so much money just to stay warm!

I am working at Orion. Kc is trying to get on at the D.C-but is currently working in TLE at Wal-Mart. I now remember how much I FREAKING HATE HATE HATE Olney. It's terrible. (Altho it's not as bad as some places I've lived-It's really sucky) I would much rather move to Colorado AGAIN OR Arizona. Kc said his dad is moving to Florida and we should move there too. Holly is pregnant-so I have no idea what to do. I would REALLY HATE moving away and not letting our kids grow up together. I would also hate staying in this AWFUL place.

I told Kc-No more Sex Until we are married. (LAUGH if you will)But, I am prizing myself with Morals again. I know that really doesn't mean much since we have a baby out of Wed Lock anyway. But, If a guy really LOVES you- He will wait. Let's See if Kc can do that!

I am on the verge of turning 24! That is really insane. Considering my last post was after I just turned 23. How the time doth fly. I want to do something REALLY REALLY FUN! This year for my birthday. Being a New Mom really wears you out! I didn't realize HOW much WORK it was. (Of course being a MOM is alot of work-I DID know that-) But, The GUILT you feel when you are even an HOUR without your baby is insane! I go to sleep looking at her EVERY night. I almost cry thinking about how beautiful and amazing she is. I'm serious! She's out of this world.

Anyway- That's it for my rants and brags...So-for another year LJ...XOXO
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Wednesday, June 13th, 2007
10:27 pm - <3 Me.
Hey everyone. What it is...lol. Well, I am at Dad's house waiting for the clothes to dry in the dryer.

And Avery (which is our babies name) is moving like CRAZY in my belly. My nephew matthew and Joni were feeling her this evening.

I have A job at the Youth Village in Vincennes.. I don't really like 3rd shifts. Because WELL it pretty much sucks. It's doing laundry all F*ing night. GAY SAUCE.

I am 23 now. Thanks for all the Bday wishes to my friends who wished them to me....which is really- no one on here. So Yeah.

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Thursday, April 19th, 2007
6:42 pm
YAY! I am going to call the Doctor today to set up my first Doctors appt. I am very excited. Yesterday- at jen and dustins- I felt the Baby move for the first time. I am terribly excited. I hope by the time my doc. appt. is I will be able to tell what I am going to have. :D

Anyway- I am hanging out with Jennifer and Haedyn today. <3 Haedyn is such a cutie!!!

And all in all...Things are going well. Besides the fact that I am STILL jobless and going INSANE because of it. I NEED MONEYS>!!!!!

Yeah. Other than that. Im out.
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Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
5:42 pm - Here i am.
I am at the Library with The Great Jen and Dustin and Haedyn.

Anyway- I have an incredulous rash on my stomach. YUCK. Jaimie had the same thing when she was pregnant I guess. It looks so nasty. I am allergic to my baby. LAME. Why can't I be allergic to other things that I actually DON'T like... Such as Shrimp or Seafood? Oh well. I will just deal I suppose. And when My kid pops out ;) I can tell it that I really was allergic. :D (i really won't) but, it will be fun to tease when it gets older.

I am just waiting for a few things to happen and hopefully soon I can tell you WHAT i am going to have.

I am moving out of Jen and Dustins by the end of next week. (NOT because I wanna leave just to leave) I want to get a job. I have just a little bit of time to get a job and save some money to support a great being...and I am starting to worry just a little. Because I don't have a job. And I don't have money right now. I am basically living off of my moms money from every couple of weeks- and I don't like that feeling at all. I have had a job since I was 14 and I am freaking out at not having one. :< And believe me- I have tried to get one.

I am going to live with my mom and try to get a job in olney. Hopefully that goes alot better than my futile efforts here. I will def. still visit Jen all the time. (Mom's over here about 3 times a week) So, I will not just abandon my friends. I will miss Haedyn WAY too much. lol. :'( But, that is what phones and cars were invented for.

Anyway- I am going to go.<3 MUAH*
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Wednesday, March 28th, 2007
2:50 pm - HOLLA!
SO! Jennifer & Dusting And I got a new Puppy. They got a pitbull mix puppy named: Katie. And I got some kind of Terrier mix...that's UBER cute and I named her Kennedy. she is 8 weeks old and super cute!!!

I am about 3 months Pregnant. Fun stuff. Loving the part where I don't have morning sickness anymore.

And thanks to Zacks GF's expanders (def. awesome_) My ears are now at double0 woohoo.

Anyway. Just chilling with Jaimie, Kyle, Jen, and Haedyn at the library.


<3 Love to all.

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Wednesday, March 14th, 2007
12:18 pm - Its alive.
Okay- Quick entry to let the readers know- yes there is a Pulse. :)

I am living with Jen and Dustin still. Im trying to get a job as a server at Applebee's there and Have my third Interview today..

And also..Im hungry. I just got over the flu... THANK GOODNESS ITS OVER.

And I have uber HOT nail polish on right now called Pop Pink. Yep it's pretty much flouresant.

xoxo love love.

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Friday, March 2nd, 2007
2:39 pm - :) It's good to be home.
Lemme see here. I am living with Jennifer as of Last Sunday. I met an incredible boy (named Haedyn.) Who Is my FAVORITE LITTLE GUY EVER!!!!!!!! And believe me- He loves his Aunt Danielle. :) I also met Elias. And he is super cute too!!!!

I surprised my sister with me moving back. I think it worked. :) She screamed at me and shoved me and then hugged me. LOL. GREAT REACTION!

Anyway- I love being back..Even if I don't love the towns Im in- I still love the people Im with.


current mood: hungry
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Tuesday, January 9th, 2007
7:18 am - Snow Blows...and so does the wind. lol.
So, I really do not update much. I do have Myspace & Facebook tho. I seem to like those quite a bit better than live journal. Maybe it's because There is so much more to do with your page. I don't know. But, Here is an entry for those who still have LJ and who still read it atleast.

I am just getting over being sick. Which it's about time. I've been sick since the Wed. before New Years. Which is pretty freakin' Lame. But, My body is finally kicking the Virus in the ass- as I recovered with NO Prescription. :) Yay. lol. Less money I have to give to the people who already have enough of it (doctors)..Maybe I should become one. :) That would be a great life.

Anyway- I am just working. Hanging out-playin guitar hero after work. Kc got me Smallville season 2 for xmas. :) Which is awesome because it had been a full year since we even watched season one with my cousin Justin. Ever since season 2- we've been hooked. We couldn't wait and went out and bought Season 3 like 3 days after getting season 2. We had finished it. And 3 days after getting season 3- lol we finished THAT.. now we have no moneys and have to wait for season 4. Grrr. I hate it.

We've had quite a bit of storms lately- Which is Hella Lame. (snow storms) We can't get to work when its too icy or snowy. Which is lame bc it usually happens on a Thurs. and we have to miss Fri. And we can't make up the hours.:< Yesterday the wind was SO bad. I couldn't open my door to the car without having KC HOLD it open. Because I was holding it open with my feet- to try to get out.- It was so horrible. They called it a ground Blizzard. Because it Blows all the snow on the ground to where you can't see at all. Pretty much reminded me of The Day After Tomorrow.

We went to Denver last night- to look at a Car Rector bought. He's excited. Hell- Im excited for him. He def. got his moneys worth.- But, Denver restored my faith in Colorado and made me wanna stay SO MUCH MORE.

I am hoping we find a place that doesn't do credit checks..lol so we can get a place in Denver. That would be amazing. Then, I wouldn't need to come home. :P

That's all For now.

love love to all


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Tuesday, November 14th, 2006
2:47 pm - I love my friend...Jennifer. <3
Yeah Pretty much. :)

Just chilling at work. Playing Pool Online with the BF. :) It's fun-and makes the work days go by SOOOOO MUCH FASTER. OMG. Seriously rector- you should try it.

I am ready to go to the movies again. :) Just went on Sunday- It was a good time.

Tonight tho we are doing laundry and making Pizza and watching the AVATAR. :) I am psyched. It's gonna be fun. I wanna X-mas Tree. :( really badly. We are getting one next/next weekend.- Which would be ...sometime. lol

Okay I'm done.
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Wednesday, November 1st, 2006
2:45 pm - Yeah....About that-
So, I am just chilling here at work. Not really doing too much besides wasting time.

I'm chilling with my new friend Polka ;) She is my new Tiger. (LONG STORY SHORT- A friend from work gave me a plush beany tiger) and I Named her Polka Dot.

Yesterday being Halloween- I was prompted to wear a Costume: Hence- a School girl Costume is what I had for this year-And They sent me home early because I GUESS it was too revealing. In which by far it wasn't. Just because my skirt didn't touch the TIPS of my fingers...they wanted me to change and I didn't have a spare outfit. WOO HOO. Got to go home early and Kc and I played some Soul CallaberIII and Had some beer/rum and chilled. Then, we went to Eddie and Jessica's house. <3 it was a good time.

After all- IT WAS halloween. ;)


<3 So love to everyone...and call me jennifer the pregnant butt...Burris. :(
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Tuesday, October 3rd, 2006
12:35 pm - This is the end..
I know, I haven't posted in a LONG time..but, hey- WHO USES LJ When there's MYSPACE?..

Anyway- I'm at work And Nothing too exciting has happened yet. I got rear-ended yesterday. :( I was pretty pissed. But, more damage was done to her car than mine.

Yeah- pretty much that's about it. We're having alot of fun at work and everything right now. :)

<3 that's all. I love jennifer. MUAH*

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Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
8:38 pm - *TIRED.*
So, I started my new job on Monday. I had to go in with my brother at 5 in the morning~I was really tired, But, I couldn't sleep at all. Not to mention I had to get up at 3AM. Yeah. I was Soooo Tired by the time that I got back home-and yet I stayed up till about 9:30ish. And even right now..I'm just waiting to call Kc tho. I miss him. It's crazy- I go a whole month without being able to see him, and I'm fine. But, the closer I get to seeing him The more I miss him! It makes me so excited to see him. I can't wait. I can't wait at all. But, I have to. It will be ONE week starting tomorrow.

And we just had our 2 year anniversary on Sunday. It's been 2 years. WOW! I'm just watching Seinfeld right now. I love Jerry- and I love love Elaine. She's so funny.

I like my new job tho, I basically answer calls about people who work for IBM in general.. and they lock themselves out of there account. We can even "LOG ON" to there "REMOTE" and see EXACTLY what's on there screen and everything. And move the mouse and it's basically like hacking into there comp. with there permission so we can SHOW them what to do if they aren't smart enough. But, It's more complicated than that. There are alot of programs to learn tho. And it's kind of difficult. However, today WAS only my second day; but, I'm sure I will get the hang of it really quickly.

I am excited because Yeah. Well, I am. And I am also tired and what not. :)

Well. I gotta go..


current mood: sleepy
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Tuesday, August 8th, 2006
4:53 pm - Hello how are you- Like your shoes- love your hair..
~So, today hasn't been too bad. I went to the pool and got a little bit of a tan. And decided since no one was out there- I might as well take a swim. :) That was fun.

My brothers home now- but, as usual- crashed while watching Seinfeld. Dreamed of Sandwiches all night last night. Guess what I had for lunch? One guess- LOL yea- a sandwich. But, not like the one in my dream. I dreamed about a BIG sandwich with 3 slices of bread, Ham on the top half and Smoked Turkey breast on the bottom half.- With two slices of cheese and lettuce with Miracle Whip..Yeah-...But, instead I grilled a ham and cheese sandwich..lol Yeah totally not as good as my dream- but, it was good.

I guess I'm a boring person- Because I'm bored all the time.. :p

~later dudes.


current mood: bored
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Monday, August 7th, 2006
2:47 pm - What a wonderful world....
My tonsiles are swollen.. :( I think I am getting sick. Bummer. But, Yeah- Not too much is happening. I am supposed to go to my drug test today.. I just took a really long pee- so, I hope I can still sqeeze out a little for the cup ;).. (I think Im going to get some more water..) Yeah- And My brother starts his OTHER job at the Sweet Tomato (an awesome salad and soup buffet) Tonight. So, from now on- it's going to be up to me to make my own fun.:(

Depressing. I suck. I can't make my own fun. Poop.

I wish I had a camera right now- my brother is laying on his back- sleeping with his mouth wide open. He looks so funny. :D NOW THAT WOULD BE FUN. :p

The Hungarian guy I helped with his Relationship wants to hang out tonight. I don't think so- he is very... Strange. In a uncomfortable way. Like he could totally take me in a dark ally and do very bad things to me. He recently overcame gambling and drinking problems -which doesn't seem stable anyway- But, He DID change- but, he's also a 34 year old MAN. Even tho he easily could pass as 24. I am not going to be hanging out with him. Just to keep myself safe.
Nice to talk to in a PUBLIC setting.

If it didn't look like it could storm any minute I would totally walk to the mall. Hmm. Maybe I'll just stay here..and do nothing- Like my everyday.

Anyway- Call me if you Love me.- Or call me- Even if you don't.

Love love- Me.

current mood: this is how I look and feel.
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Friday, July 28th, 2006
6:45 pm - <3
Okay- so the pool was fun. It just made me realize- that I really am depressed about my really uber cute black billabong simmingsuite being stolen. :(

Anyway- I had a good time and my brother came here and made eggs for dinner. My neice wanted me to come over- but, we had other plans- So, Tomorrow we are hanging out with her. And were laying around trying to figure out what to do. LOL.

Got invited to a Rockies game- and a comedy club tonight...but, no cash equals no fun/ :(

Anyway- Call me if you miss me- You know the numba ;)

Lovelove- Me.

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3:10 pm
I totally decided to update my LJ while I'm waiting. Since right now That's all I'm doing. My sister-n-law and my neice are comming to my brother Josh's place to pick me up-then, we're going to the public pool.In fact she's here. so later

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